Don’t Neglect Yourself – Sexual Satisfaction for a Happier You

As a mother, the first thing you think about is almost always your kids and how you can support them in whatever way possible. However, as important as that is, it is also important not to neglect yourself from your own womanly needs outside of motherhood. And out of all the needs of mother’s one common necessity that is so often overlooked is fulfilling your sexual needs. Although your life has definitely changed with the added responsibilities of motherhood (especially for new moms), that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time for sexual release on a regular basis. And even if your options for real sex are somewhat limited, you can always use sex toys to get the most out of your masturbation sessions, if not explicitly use them to enhance actual sex. Here we’ll explain just why you should go back to the glory days of getting off with regularity, even with your child in tow.

woman with white bed sheets pulled up to her chin
Every woman should achieve sexual release on a regular basis – even mothers!

When’s the Last Time You’ve Orgasmed?

We are being completely honest when we say that for some women, their last orgasm came when they were only a few months pregnant, with nothing more recent than that. That literally means that these women have gone multiple years without climaxing. And that is just wrong. If you are still with your partner, another question that you should ask yourself is when is the last time that they orgasmed? For so many women, not only are men orgasming fairly regularly, but they are orgasming with the help of their women. If not actual sex, then through blowjobs or other forms of sexual intimacy.

This puts so many women in the situation where they are not only failing to be satisfied sexually, but are almost cruelly satisfying their men on the side. And even if you just want to make your man happy from time to time, you should also be thinking about how you can make yourself happy from time to time. There is nothing stopping your man from getting you off as well, so if your man is not helping you fulfill your sexual needs, you need to change that. Either have a frank discussion with him about needing him to help you be sexually satisfied from time to time, or just put the onus on yourself to please yourself.

You can always make time to climax

One common excuse that a lot of women have out there is that they are just too busy with their kids to find time for themselves. However, it is precisely that: an excuse. Unless you are with your kids 24/7, there is always an opportunity to have some alone time either with just yourself or with a partner and have some sexual fun. Furthermore, getting off sexually literally takes at most just half an hour, which is very easy to find time for. For example, if you watch the evening news every night, you can instead spend those 30 minutes every few evenings to please yourself sexually. Or you can just go to bed 30 minutes later every so often to accommodate some time sexual activity as well. There really is no good reason that you can’t make time to fulfill your sexual needs!

woman holding daughter while cooking in kitchen
Even the busiest of moms can find time to achieve sexual satisfaction at some point during their day.

Don’t say you are too tired for sex

Another common excuse that women give is that they are simply too tired for sex, which actually is quite understandable. However they are perfectly valid solutions that every women can use to remedy this situation. Like we mentioned earlier, using sex toys are a great option for when you need to get yourself off. Vibrators in particular allow you to stimulate yourself constantly with little to no effort on your end whatsoever – perfect for the typical exhausted new mom. Just lay down, press the vibrator against your pleasure points (or inside them) and let it do all the work for you. You can also try to coerce your partner to get you off for you as well, which again is little to no effort on your part. Some cunnilingus from time to time should be something that a loving partner is able to manage, especially if it means fulfilling your sexual needs that have been lacking for so long.

Or you could simply change when you normally have sex to accommodate your energy levels so you are willing and ready to get yourself off. Most people typically think of having sex or masturbating at night, and they have been doing that for years. However, if you always finding that you are too tired to get yourself off at night, possibly look into finding time for sexual satisfaction during the day. A common way to do this is to have sex as soon as you and your partner wake up in the morning, before going to work. If you and your partner are on different schedules, then just use the time in the morning to masturbate and get yourself off that way.

woman waking up with partner still asleep beside her
If you are too tired for sex at night, try having it as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Retake control of your sexual satisfaction today!

It is important to realize that your life has changed radically from how it once was before you were a mother, or before you even got pregnant. However even though your life has changed and you have new and understandably bigger priorities (i.e. raising a child), there is no excuse for failing to find even just a few minutes every day to orgasm. For so many women, it has been ages since they’ve last orgasmed, but they make so many excuses as to why they don’t do it anymore, whether it be due to a lack of time or due to a lack of energy. But in the same way that you’ve made adjustments to your life to accommodate your new child, you can make similar accommodations to ensure that you climax regularly like you probably used to before the journey of motherhood began. Make some time to climax, or change when you get yourself off so you have the energy to do so. Sexual satisfaction is so important for women because doing so helps to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle, especially when raising a child can be such a draining experience on its own. Hopefully we’ve successfully encouraged you to revitalize your sex life and come away feeling happier and healthier as a result, in which case good luck and have fun!