Getting Back into Dating for Single Mothers

For mothers who are single and raising children on their own, even if they may be happy with their lives, that doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvement. Getting back out there in the dating scene can be a great way to meet someone amazing who not only can make you happier, but can make the lives of your children better as well. Here in this article, we lay out some great ways to approach dating as a single mother to find the newfound happiness that perhaps you didn’t even know you were missing!

As a single mother it can be difficult to find the time to get out and mingle. Between work and the kids, it can be hard to fit yourself into the everyday rhythm of your life. However, there are many ways to improve your dating situation and do meet new people.

Just because you are happy with just you and your children, doesn’t mean there can’t be room for one more in the family!

Let a friend introduce you to their friends

Meeting people in real life is definitely possible, but not exactly a walk in the park if we’re being totally honest. For single mothers especially who are already swamped with a host of responsibilities, the best way for you to meet someone is to be introduced by a friend or even a co-worker. When you do things this way, it is important to let your friend or co-worker talk you up to your potential date, making it easier on you for your first date to really hit it off, since he will already have a really positive impression of you. Once you’ve gotten through the door in a sense, the rest is so much easier.

Negotiate dates over the phone

Another great way to make you date a single parent, is to try to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion about who will meet where and what you will do. For example, if someone recommendations a movie for you to go see, sit down and negotiate a date for the night in advance. If someone suggests a Chic home cooked dinner for two at your place, you can tell your date that you already have children and needs to get married in a year to keep them separate. When you and your date agree on a mutually agreeable time and location to meet, take the conversation in a completely new direction.

Dates can be as casual as talking over a cup of coffee, or as extravagant as a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Have your children and close friends introduce you to your date

You should be cautious when meeting someone new, especially if your children are close to the person you are dating. Try to avoid introducing other single parents to your child, unless it is something that your children will understand. It can be difficult to explain, but the important thing is to befriend all family members including your children. Be careful not to interfere with the friendships of your children, but definitely do not violate their privacy.

Do not bring your date to your children

It is important that your children meet your date in a public place, such as meeting at a restaurant, shopping mall, or another similar public place. It is also important that your children be with no other adults present when you introduce your date to them. Be sure to tell your children about this new person in a way that does not embarrass them. One of the worst possible mistakes that you can make is to be suddenly drop everything to assist your children with their new friend, as if they need your help on a school project, or help picking out furniture, or other similar adult responsibilities. It is best to leave the bodily details or family information with your trusted babysitter until you are sure that your date is someone you can trust fully.

Plan out future dates with your children in mind

If you would like to see the person for another date, be sure to tell your children at least a couple of weeks in advance. You may want to consider meeting your date at a family event or perhaps a Playing for Love museum. A couple of weeks is sufficient to give your children a good idea of how your date will be with the kids and to give you an adequate time frame to make travel arrangements if needed. You also do not want to get yourself into some relationship trouble before you have talked to the kids.

By finding a man who perfectly fits into your family dynamic, you (and your children) can end up even happier than you previously thought possible!

Always put your children first in the end

The biggest mistake that a single mom who is dating can make is not adequately gauging how this person will fit into her children’s lives. Single parents usually have a lot on their minds, but taking the time to review the character of the person you are dating is very important. A happy mom may find that often the character of the person they are dating is not right for their family, and in that case, they must put their children first and let that person go. But when you do find the perfect guy, he will only make your family even better than before and you and your children will be all the more happier for it!